What kind of Pram wheels are Best?

What kind of Pram wheels are Best?

New and experienced parents continually ask us when looking at a new pram “What kind of Pram wheels are Best?”

The Answer is that it depends on your use.  For Running or Jogging, definitely an Air Filled rubber tyre. If you do a lot of outdoors walking on foot paths etc. then we recommend a soft rubber never go flat type wheel. If you are mostly in-doors walking such as shopping centres on smooth surfaces and weight is key, then a n EVA (harder plastic type) wheel could be better for you.

Let’s look at the most common pram and stroller wheel types available

Rubber Pneumatic pram wheels.

Rubber Wheels are great in terms of grip.  They are typically air filled which means that when used correctly, they also provide the most comfortable ride for your child.  This is more important with a pram used for running or jogging.

You may hear some people rubbish prams that have wheels with rubber tyres. They may say that they pop tubes or go flat or puncture.  In all the years I have been in the business, the issues are almost always because someone over inflating them when using a petrol station car tyre inflator.  Lower Air pressure prevents the risk of a puncture and gives the child a nicer softer ride.

The whole idea of air filled tyres is that they are not pumped up too hard like a car tyre and the air pressure enables a soft ride over bumps.

Like a car tyre, rubber tyres will eventually wear out if used heavily on concrete surfaces. Top brand prams sell tyres are spare parts and bike shops often carry them too, so that’s not a big deal.

Polyurethane Pram and Stroller Wheels

PU or Polyurethane wheels are more firm than rubber tyres but they also last longer. They are foam filled which makes them lighter.  Obviously, unlike rubber air filled tyres, you can not adjust the tyre pressure to give a firmer or softer ride for your child. They do provide good grip on rough surfaces, but not so great on smooth indoor surfaces. They will never go flat. Another benefit is that they are lighter than rubber tyres.

Top Brands like UPPAbaby and Cybex use a similar never-go-flat type wheel which provides shock absorbing tyres that are puncture free.

EVA Pram and Stroller Wheels

Manufacturers use EVA pram wheels because they are ideal for light weight strollers. They are particularly used for travel prams.  EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. EVA pram wheels are very light. In addition, they are fairly durable.  They can be a bit nosey on rough concrete surfaces as they are a harder plastic type material.

In addition, they will give a bumpier ride on rough surfaces. They are more cost effective and not as durable on rough surfaces as rubber or EVA pram wheels. They are great on flat even surfaces. As a result, they are seen on strollers more than prams due to the harder ride. Lower cost brands will use these to keep prices lower on their prams.


Aerotech wheels are made from EVA & Rubber). It’s a blend of EVA and rubber and hollow inside. This still offers some ‘air cushioning’. Aerotech wheels are puncture-proof, low maintenance and are lighter. They are durable but lack in grip and do not provide the smooth ride of rubber.


Everyone’s needs are different. No one pram wheel type is ideal for everyone.

In general, if you are running or jogging, rubber air filled tyres are the only way to go. If you do a lot or outdoor walking, then either rubber or polyurethane is generally ideal. If you are predominantly using it in doors or on smooth surfaces only and weight of your pram or stroller is important, then an EVA pram wheel might be best.

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