UPPAbaby Minu V2 vs Babyzen Yoyo2

UPPAbaby Minu V2 vs Babyzen Yoyo2: Why UPPAbaby Takes the Lead

In this light weight compact stroller shoot out of the UPPAbaby Minu V2 vs Babyzen Yoyo2,  you are going to learn which is better for your needs. How to decide between the UPPAbaby Minu V2 and the Babyzen Yoyo2 can be a pivotal decision for parents prioritising mobility and comfort for their little ones. Both strollers have carved out significant niches in the competitive world of child mobility solutions. As a result, they each offer distinct advantages that cater to varying parental needs and lifestyles.

This comprehensive comparison aims to shed light on the features, benefits and potential drawbacks of each. We highlight these with a particular focus on why the UPPAbaby Minu V2 might just edge out its worthy competitor

Design and Portability

UPPAbaby Minu V2: This stroller is a marvel of design efficiency. It folds down in one smooth, one-handed motion and stands independently. As a result, making it a breeze to store anywhere. Weighing just under 7.7kg and featuring a built-in carry handle and shoulder strap, the Minu V2 is designed for portability. Its sleek design doesn’t just look good, it’s functional, allowing for easy navigation through tight spaces.

Babyzen Yoyo2: Known for its ultra-compact fold, the Yoyo2 is a champion of travel-friendly design. Fitting in most airplane overhead compartments. While it’s incredibly compact and features a shoulder strap, the folding process and the need to remove parts for the most compact configuration can be less straightforward than the Minu V2’s one-step fold.

Comfort and Usability

UPPAbaby Minu V2: The Minu V2 shines when it comes to passenger comfort. The spacious seat, deep recline and adjustable leg rest ensure that your child can comfortably sit or nap. The large, extendable canopy offers ample protection from the elements. Additionally, the all-wheel suspension ensures a smooth ride over varied terrains.

Babyzen Yoyo2: The Yoyo2 also focuses on comfort with its padded seat and 4-wheel suspension. However, its smaller seat and canopy might not offer as much room for growth or protection as the Minu V2.

Versatility and Longevity

UPPAbaby Minu V2: Designed to grow with your family, the Minu V2 supports children from birth up to 23kg. Its robust design and adaptable features mean it can serve your family for years. That means from newborn stages through toddlerhood and beyond.

Babyzen Yoyo2: While the Yoyo2 accommodates children from birth with additional accessories (and costs) and supports up to 22kg, its more compact design might offer a tighter fit for older children. Due to this, potentially limiting its usable lifespan compared to the Minu V2.

Uppababy Minu 2 Folding Demo


Uppababy Minu V2 And Babyzen Yoyo2

Accessories and Value

UPPAbaby Minu V2: Out of the box, the Minu V2 comes ready for adventure, with accessories like a rain shield and a spacious storage basket included. Its price point of just over $500, combined with the included features, presents significant value. This is especially when considering the stroller’s quality and versatility. It’s still compact when folded and still can be taken on overhead luggage on airlines.

Babyzen Yoyo2: The Yoyo2 offers a wide range of accessories, allowing for a high degree of customization. However, these come at an additional cost, which can add up quickly. Starting at $649, the Yoyo2 is a premium option where you pay extra for the compact design and brand prestige.

The Verdict: UPPAbaby Minu V2 Takes the Lead

While both strollers offer impressive features, the UPPAbaby Minu V2 emerges as the more versatile and value-packed option for most families. Its ease of use, comfort and included accessories make it great value for money. Then when combined with a competitive price point, make it an excellent investment for parents seeking a reliable, stylish and functional stroller that can keep up with the demands of growing families.

If your primary use is airlines only, maybe the Yoyo2 is the way to go. If it is daily use, the Minu V2 has the edge with easier folding and unfolding.

The Babyzen Yoyo2 remains a strong contender, especially for families with a focus on travel and urban living, thanks to its unmatched compactness and style. However, for those looking for a stroller that blends daily functionality with long-term usability and value, the UPPAbaby Minu V2 is hard to beat.


Choosing the right stroller is a personal decision, but armed with the right information, you can select the option that best fits your family’s unique needs and lifestyle. Whether you lean towards the adaptable and inclusive UPPAbaby Minu V2 or the sleek and compact Babyzen Yoyo2, both strollers promise to support your family’s adventures with style and comfort.

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