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Updated 02/04/2024

Choosing the best travel pram or stroller for your needs is probably one of the most important decisions you will make. If you get it right, then travel life as a parent will become much easier for both you and your child. On the Flip Side, you will avoid a lot of pain.

Everyone’s Needs are Different

The first thing you must realise is that every parents needs are different when it comes to travel prams / compact prams and travel strollers. What suits your sister or best friend is not necessarily the best travel pram / travel stroller for you.  Everyone’s needs are different. Your lifestyle will be different. The car you drive will be different.  The number of children and their ages will be different as will be your usage. ie. more outdoor walking versus shopping center walking versus off-road use versus plane travel etc.

Traveling on Planes with your travel pram?

If you are travelling on planes a lot, then a light weight stroller and that is super compact folding is going to be very important.  We have travel prams and travel strollers that are so compact when folded, that are Overhead Compartment compatible. That is, they fit in an airplane’s overhead luggage spaces ie. a Travel Pram / Travel Stroller for Carry On luggage.  As a result, this can be great with younger babies and children. It means that there is less risk of the travel pram or travel stroller being broken by luggage handlers which is more common than you would think. Even more importantly, it means that once you have gone through Airport security, you can whip out the stroller and use it inside the airport right up until you get into the plane and put it in carry on luggage!

Travel Pram / Stroller Key Decision Criteria

Size Matters

Another reason that the size of your travel pram or stroller is important is that you may have a small boot space in your car.  You have to keep in mind that when travelling on holidays etc. there is inevitably a lot of your own baggage and other items that have to fit in the car too!

Weight Matters

The Weight of the Travel Pram or Travel Stroller is also a key decision criteria that must be taken seriously. No one wants to put a back out when traveling or even for day to day use for that matter! This is regardless of baggage weight limits on planes.  We have travel prams and Travel Strollers from 5Kg’s and up! Some designed for overhead baggage compartments too.

Easy to Fold Travel Strollers

How easy to fold is the Travel Pram should be the next question you ask. I commonly see mums and dad’s fighting with their prams and strollers in shopping center car parks and airports. I couldn’t think of anything worse when you’re typically in a hurry!

Travel Pram

On Road or Off Road?

Also be sure to evaluate if most of your travel pram use will be on smooth concrete surfaces such as foot paths and shopping centers versus off road in parks etc. If you want a travel pram to use through parks, then you will need to look for one that has larger wheels and suspension. This add’s weight and size though.

Newborn or 6 Months and Up?

Is it for a newborn baby up to 6 months of age? If it is, then you will want a travel pram with a seat that you can recline flat or even a separate bassinet option. Otherwise, even a half recline comes in handy if your child decides they want an on-the-go nap.

Storage, size of the Seat and other important Travel Pram Features:

And… don’t forget the importance of storage! When you are travelling, storage will come in very handy and is a must.

Now, something first time parents don’t realise is the importance of a high seat back for taller kids.  If either or both of the parents are tall, then we always point parents to travel strollers with high seat backs. There is nothing worse for a taller child that runs out of headroom or feels claustrophobic. And for a parent, to have to go and replace it later feels like a waste of money.

If your an outdoors family, make sure it has a large canopy that provides lots of proper UV Protection. This can come at the cost of a little weight. In saying that I would be more than happy to put this up the list of importance for a travel pram for the cost of even half a kilo.

When it comes to traveling, ease of use will be key too. Not just how easy it is to fold and unfold, but also if it has one single brake lever for both rear wheels. Not only does this make life easier, but less room for accidentally only locking one wheel. Is the brake pedal “Flip Flop Friendly” ? Does it have a red or green indicator to show when the brakes are on properly?


Here’s the top travel strollers that we recommend:

Travel Pram Accessories

Does it come with a travel bag to protect it or is an optional one available? This is a must have to protect your investment.

Travel Pram Stroller Bag

There is nothing worse than being caught in the rain with no rain cover.  Is there a rain cover included with your travel pram or stroller? If not – is there an optional one available?


At Bubs n Grubs, we have a great range of travel prams and strollers. They are hand picked by the owners (Judy and myself) based on what our combined experience of over 20 years and over 13 years in this business talking to mums and dad’s and understanding what their needs are. Don’t forget we have a highly trained team of products specialists who can spend time with you to give you the right advice for travel prams in store or over the phone.

And remember, always buy from independent baby stores who have real highly trained product experts with plenty of experience, who not only know their products but also spend time to get to know each and every customer’s needs. Without that, no one can give you the right advice to help you choose the best travel pram for your specific needs.

Click the button below and check out the range and don’t hesitate to pop in to store or call one of our bay products specialists for any questions or advice you need about travel prams and strollers.

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