What You Need When Setting Up a Baby Nursery

We often get asked “What do I need when setting up a Baby Nursery“. We have compiled a list of the most common items needed to get your Baby Nursery started… The last thing you want to do is get caught out when you bring baby home so we thought we would make it easier for you.


Baby Nursery Items ListBaby Nursery

  • Cot – Make sure it has been tested properly to safety standards, is a reputable brand in Australia of high quality.
  • Cot mattress – To ensure the proper fit, purchase the mattress with the Cot: You should only be able to slide one finger between the mattress and the rails. Get a Mattress that meets the new Australian Standards. There is only one brand at the moment that we know of.
  • 5 Cot sheets
  • Cot valance
  • Bumper pad – This should be removed when your baby is able to get into a crawling position since se or she could use it as a step. Mesh cot bumpers ones are great as they collapse if stood on.
  • Blanket or sleeping bag – If a blanket is used it should not be placed any higher than the baby’s chest and it should be tucked into the sides of the mattress. we highly recommend the love to swaddle products based on the great feedback from our customers!
  • Musical mobile for entertainment and helping baby sleep. Also looks great in the baby nursery!
  • Changing table – with protective pad and shelves for storing baby items. An alternative is a chest changer with changing pad on top and drawers for storing baby items.
  • Proper Breastfeeding Glider Chair.
  • Nursing pillow / Breast Feeding Pillow
  • A cot light that will play soothing music for baby or a baby monitor that does this as well.
  • Digital Baby monitor
  • Toy chest or basket
  • Wall shelves or hooks – for decorative items and stuffed animals.
  • Window treatments – Once baby is mobile you’ll want to make sure any curtain or blind cords are out of their reach because the string poses a strangulation hazard. Window Tinting is a great way to help cool a room also.
  • Clothes basket
  • Lamp and night light
  • Humidifier

Making the Baby Nursery Safe


Baby Nursery Safety Basics

You and your baby will be spending a lot of time in the baby nursery, so take steps now to make sure it’s a secure environment for your little one. Here are some safety tips:

  • Keep curtain and blind cords out of baby’s reach from the cot and changing table.
  • Place a working smoke detector in or near the baby nursery.
  • Make sure that window guards are securely in place to prevent a child from falling out the window.
  • Never place a cot, playpen, or other children’s furniture near a window.
  • Put plug protectors in unused electrical outlets.
  • Make sure your child’s toy box doesn’t have a heavy, hinged lid that could trap your child.
  • Use a cool-air humidifier instead of a vaporizer–to avoid burns. Clean it frequently, and empty it when not in use to prevent bacteria and mould growth.


The Changing Table

  • Use a safety belt on the changing table.
  • Keep baby powder and other supplies out of baby’s reach when changing.
  • Never leave a child unattended on a changing table.
  • Put carpet or a non-skid rug beneath the cot and changing table.

The Cot

  • Remove bumper pads, toys, pillows, and stuffed animals from the cot by the time baby can pull up to stand.
  • Remove all cot gyms, hanging toys, and decorations from the cot by the time baby can get up on his hands and knees.
  • Make sure the cot has no elevated corner posts or decorative cut outs in the end panels.
  • Fit the cot mattress snugly, without any gaps, so baby can’t slip in between the crack and the cot side.
  • Make sure slats on cot are no more than 2 3/8 inches apart.
  • Make sure that all screws, bolts, and hardware — including mattress supports — are in tight to prevent the cot from collapsing.
  • Make sure there are no plastic bags or other plastic material in or around the cot.
  • Check the cot for small parts and pieces that baby could choke on.
  • Make sure the night-light is not near or touching curtains or a bedspread where it could start a fire.
  • To reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), put baby to sleep on his/her back in a cot with a firm, flat mattress — no soft bedding underneath him/her and make sure the mattress is a Breathe EZE.



From Ceiling to Floor!

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