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Maxi Cosi Vs Britax Safe n Sound Comparison – Updated 07/06/2022

In this article, we reveal our Maxi Cosi Vs Britax Safe n Sound Comparison below.  This is in response to customers asking why we don’t sell the Britax Safe n Sound Car Seat Range. We were not paid a cent to write this article as we have been accused of on facebook by employees of other brands.

Before I begin, I will clarify that we are not suggesting that any one seat is a bad car seat.  They all meet or exceed the Australia Safety Standards – they have to.

This is about why we chose the Maxi Cosi Convertible Car Seats over the Britax Safe n Sound models listed below. All of which at the time of writing this article are todays models. It is all based on facts explained in the table below and value for money.

As an business owner, from day 1, we set a goal of saving customers money. Not from just having the lowest prices, but also by ensuring customers purchase the right product for their specific needs the first time. The baby industry is notorious for mums and dads buying multiple prams and other products until they find the right one for them.

We understand everyone’s needs are different. As a result, we focus on being experts in what we do. The last thing we want to do is to have every brand under the sun just to give customer’s choice. Regardless if the products are good or address specific customers needs. This will just result in confusion for customers. Or worse, the wrong decisions for them.

In my opinion, the most important purchase a parent makes is their baby car seat. This is why I am personally and intimately involved in all decisions regarding which car seat brands and models that we sell.

Technology innovations

With out boring you with unnecessary details. For a long time now, there has been no single technology or feature that a Britax car seat has offered that we have seen which our brands have not covered to the same degree or better in terms of safety.

In fact in nearly every case, the britax safe n sound models have been following either Safety 1st or Maxi Cosi in regards to technology and safety.  There are many examples of this. Air Protect Technology is just one example of several. To top it off, we think the “copy” by Britax Safe n Sound is a poor attempt to get a tick in that box.

Logic shows that as it is outside the seat, their protection does not offer the immediate protection to their head area. In other words, the childs head still hits a relatively hard surface in the event of a side impact type accident. I think if you are going to copy something, at least make it the same or better!  They haven’t in our opinion.

The next Big Safety Technology is GCell. In short, it gives the seat more strength in terms of side impact protection. This is a very important feature.

Practical Car Seat Designs

Then there are a few other really nice things that Maxi Cosi have thought of to make life easier for mum and dad. In addition, more comfortable for your child in their car seat. This includes features like a Rearward facing foot rest, a “No Twist Harness Helper” design amongst others.

As a result of their design, being able to fit 3 across the back seat of most cars for parents who have 3 or more children is a big benefit for Maxi Cosi Owners. Even if you just want more room for better comfort when an adult is in the back with 2 x car seats, this is a great design.

They even have now began covering the back of the maxi cosi car seats to further protect your vehicle seats from damage from rubbing over the years and to reduce wear and tear!

Of course, Maxi Cosi are priced better as well.

Be Sure to watch the video’s below on both Air Protect and GCell Technology and keep in mind that about 40% of injuries to a child in a car seat are from Side Impact Type accidents!


Maxi Cosi vs Britax Safe n Sound Comparison

Watch the Video Below on Air Protect Technology

Air Protect Technology Video

Watch the Video Below on GCell Technology

Maxi Cosi GCELL Technology Video


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