Leapfrog Baby Monitors Colour Night Vision 🛌

Leapfrog Baby Monitors Colour Night Vision

Can you get Colour Night Vision on Baby Monitors?

Yes you can. New to Australia, the Leapfrog range of baby monitors all have colour night vision. It’s high quality and the clarity is incredible. Until now, colour night vision on baby monitors has not been available.

Leapfrog Colour Night Vision

Colour Night Vision on Baby Monitors

Up until now, you have not been able to get colour night vision baby monitors, especially from a top brand name.

Not only can you now buy baby monitors with colour night vision, it’s from a top brand and the quality of the picture is simply incredible. In the screen shot above taken from the video review which I will share with you below, you can see how good the image is. This room has no lights on and is literally pitch black.

Make no mistake, the 1080p camera and display on the parent unit is second to none.  The reflection on the left of the photo is the fluorescent lights downstairs in my shop where the parent unit was.

Below you will also see how long it can see into a pitch black room. This is a long room and you can clearly see in full colour the whole room. I was absolutely blown away when I reviewed this product. So much so, I didn’t even bother going in to all the other unique features.

Leapfrog Colour Night Vision Long Distance

Unique Features:

Besides offering Colour night Vision on their whole range of baby monitors…

  • Camera with 1080p as well as Parent Unit with 1080p
  • Adaptive Dimmable Night Light
  • Motorised Pan & Tilt Models with Full 360 degree movement.
  • Direct Mode or Router Mode or Auto switching
  • 8x local zoom and 10 x remote zoom
  • 10 soothing sounds
  • Free App with recording video or images if you want to use your phone or tablet. (both IOS and Android)
  • Monitor the room temperature and humidity with alarms you can set for the range.
  • Up to 12 Hours of battery life on the parent unit!
  • Long range of up to approximately 300m line of sight.
  • Motion detection sensor and with on-board recording of video to camera for motion detection

and the list goes on….

Screen Size

Leapfrog have also been very smart when it comes to the screen size. All four models that are currently available are 5 inch & 7″ models which I think is a great balance between portability and at the same time giving you that right size that you don’t have to go squinting put any glasses on to go and zoom in and see. I think this is the right balance.

If you want a larger screen – you can hook up your tablet easily!

When you leave your house, your phone is ideal.


For the parent who wants no part in internet connectivity, you can set the Leapfrog Baby Monitors to direct mode only which means it can not be used on the internet. Those features are disabled. However, the security on these is excellent as long as you choose good passwords on your router, I don’t believe there is any major risk based on the technology they are using.

Multiple Cameras

You can choose between a single camera unit or a Twin pack on each of the 4 models for multi-room monitoring and the price difference makes it a no brainier for me.

Oh, and each camera is also wall mountable!

Ease of use and setup.

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Setting up this Leapfrog Baby Monitor on direct mode with the parent unit took about a minute. Let’s exaggerate and say 2 minutes.

Setting up remote mode on my phone took about 2 minutes, but lets exaggerate and say 3 minutes including downloading the app.

Using it is so easy, my Pomeranian could do it if his paws would allow him to press the buttons.

If you really want to see it in action – check out the video below where I demonstrate it to you.

Leapfrog Baby Monitor Video


Everyone’s needs are different. You may not even need a video baby monitor. That’s why it’s important to get advice from experts who can analyse your specific needs and give you the right advice.

I can not stress the importance of getting the right advice from true independent baby stores with highly trained baby product experts. Not just a sales assistant working in a large multi-store who may not even be working there next month. Nor is asking a manufacturer of baby monitors – they will just tell you what they want to sell.

The key is getting advice from a true independent baby store with experts that have all options and brands for you.

We have a full team of highly trained staff on helping you decide which baby monitor to buy.  Do not hesitate to seek advice from us. We are here to help.

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