How to Choose the Best Bike Trailer

How to Choose the Best Bike Trailer For Your Needs

In this article, I will reveal How to Choose the Best Bike Trailer for your needs.

Everyone’s needs are different. This is especially the case when it comes to bike trailers. A Bike Trailer for kids can be attached to the back of a push bike and used to transport cargo or pets.

Additionally, they are extremely versatile. Parents can also use most bike trailers for multiple activities, such as strolling, biking, jogging, or even cross-country skiing in the snow.

There are generally, two types of kid’s bike trailers. That is trailers for multiple activities and trailers for commuting. You need to get this right, that’s why I want to help you to choose a bike trailer that is the best for your specific needs.

Let’s discuss Trailers designed for commuting….

Trailers for commuting are child bicycle trailers that help active parents share sports activities together with their kids. Out of the box, they come equipped with stroller wheels and a bike kit which is ready for easy strolling and biking. You can usually, add an additional jogging or skiing kit. As a result, you will be able to jog, bike or cross-country ski with your kids.

Let’s discuss Trailers designed for Multiple Activities….

Trailers designed for multiple activities are bike trailers that include everything for everyday life. As a result, they can transport kids or even dogs and cargo. They are perfect for strolling and biking and have plenty of cargo storage. This will mean that you as a parent can bring everything that you need on the daily commute.

These bike trailers are more versatile as they are ready for biking and strolling right out of the box, with two extra strolling wheels included for effortless strolling, no extra kit required.

Choosing the best child bike trailer for your needs

It all comes does to what your specific needs are. If you want to use your bike trailer for chores and to transport groceries and other items, commuting bike trailers are perfect.

On the other hand, If you want to use them to be more sporty and active with your child or kids, then a bike trailer for multiple activities is a better option.

The goods news is though, that you can add accessories later for those other activities if things change.

Transporting a dog

Do you have a dog? If you want to transport your dog, a dog bike trailer is a great solution. Especially if your loved pet has been injured or just doesn’t want to walk long distances. Most dogs love the trip in a trailer! Only the Thule Courier together with the additional Thule Courier dog trailer kit accessory can also transport a dog.

Best Bike Trailer For Dogs

Bike trailer and bike compatibility

The other thing that you need to consider is if it is compatible with your bike?

The bottom line:

  • A Bike with 5mm Quick Release Skewers are fully compatible with all of the bike trailers that we offer.
  • Bikes with 12mm Thru-Axles, Internal Gear Hub Adapters or unusual framegeometries or bike stands need an adapter.

How a bike trailer attaches to a bike?

The Thule Bicycle Trailer Kit attaches to the bicycle at the rear axle.
9mm Quick Release Skewers – fully compatible\
Most bicycles have a 9mm quick release (QR) through the rear axle. These are fully compatible with our bike trailers.

The following bicycles will require additional adapters:

  • Bikes with 12mm Thru-Axles
  • Bikes with internal gear hubs
  • Bikes where the geometry of the bike frame makes it difficult to fit the hitch cup

In my next article, I will go into more detail about which accessories for bike trailers are best as well as a lot more deeper information.

Which Brands of Bike Trailers are the Best?

We have done a lot of research, testing and evaluating bike trailers for kids. To save you the time and money, the long and short of it is that this is a long term investment that needs to be built to last. It’s not something that you typically use for a short period of time.

They get knocked around and need to be designed to be easy to hook up and go, otherwise, it will become a hassle and not be used. No one wants to stare at a purchase in the garage that never gets used each day.

With The extensive Thule Range of Bike Trailers, this is not the case.  Thule Bike Trailers are designed from the ground up with ease of use, practicality in mind and most importantly, quality. There is no doubt that they are built to last. This is why Thule Bike Trailers are number 1 around the world.

We have a full team of highly trained staff on helping you decide which Bike Trailer to buy.  Do not hesitate to seek advice from us. We are here to help.

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