How to Choose a High Chair 🤦

How to Choose a High Chair

When looking for a suitable High Chair for your child it can be confusing to say the least! Most new parents find it comforting and soothing to nurse their newborn in their arms for the first few months at least. However, when your baby hits the 4-8 months mark, he or she will probably be too heavy and active to feed in your lap. This is the time to start thinking about a high chair.  Bubs n Grubs Baby Store offers many high chair models, styles, and brands to choose from. Essentially, the choice comes down to what will be the safest, most convenient, and most comfortable high chair for your little one.

High Chair SafetyChicco Polly Progres5 Highchair Anthracite

When buying any type of furniture for babies and toddlers, safety is the number one concern. We suggest thinking about the age, size, and activity level of your child before choosing a high chair. You want to make sure that the chair can comfortably seat your child, while keeping them secure so that they cannot stand up in the chair or fall out.

All high chairs that we offer come with adjustable waist and crotch straps or crotch bars to keep children seated and safe. In addition, the tray plays a role in keeping your baby in place. However, we caution against using only the tray as a security mechanism. When the baby is seated, both the tray and harnesses should be used to prevent falls and injuries. Moreover, parents should never leave their children unattended in a high chair.

The Construction of High Chairs

A good high chair should be stable so that it does not move around while the child is in it. The legs of the chair should be wide at the bottom so the chair can withstand slight rocking or movement without falling over. Many of the high chair models that we offer can be adjusted to your child’s height and size. Be sure that the adjustable parts are locked into place before placing your child in the chair.

Material is another aspect to think about when buying a high chair. We have a variety of models made of wood, plastic, metal, or a combination of these materials. Be sure to choose a material that is durable, and can be washed easily. In addition, you may want to think of the color scheme of your kitchen or dining room, and find a model that matches your decor.

There are several types of high chairs…

Basic metal or plastic-frame highchairsBabyhood Home Range High Chair Black

These are simple low cost high chairs. Some come with separate dishwasher safe trays. Others may not be dishwasher safe and may not have a “lip” to catch spilled food and drink. They are inexpensive and lightweight. Some fold, so they’re easy to move and store. The cheaper ones generally offer less comfort for your baby and less protection from the mess they will inevitably make while eating.



Full-featured highchairsJoie Mimzy 360 High Chair

Full Feature highchairs come with all the features of basic models above and also offer additional features such as comfortable highly padded seats, high quality wheels easily move the highchair around the house. They will have  detachable trays that come on and off easily. Dishwasher-safe tray covers and storage.  They will have adjustable height and seat may even recline. Some even rotate 360 degrees!



Hook-on highchairsChicco 360 Table Seat

Many families find that a seat that attaches to the table is more convenient for them. The hook-on chairs free up space in tight area and are very portable. They also cost less than full featured highchairs. some of these will rotate 360 degree’s so you can have baby face you whilst feeding.


Timber or Wooden highchairs

babyhood Timber Folding High Chair - ChocolateTimber / Wooden highchairs are quite popular – especially the folding models. in the past, older and cheaper versions had a seat which was too deep and the footrest too low for an infant. These days they are often adjustable and can grow with your child, good quality ones will also have a plastic type tray to catch food or a lip in the tray to catch the spills.



High Chair Convenience

babyhood Tangy HighChair Black


We know that toddlers can be a handful, which is why we suggest searching for a chair that includes convenient features for parents. You may want to look for a model like the Babyhood Tangy HighChair, which has a removable dishwasher-safe tray. This makes cleaning up a breeze. The Babyhood Keira High-Chair has castor wheels so that you can move the chair where you need it to go. This is great for parents who want to cook and keep an eye on baby at the same time. Just be sure to lock the wheels in place when not moving the chair.

Choosing a high chair from the Bubs n Grubs Baby Store is easy if you know what you are looking for. Safety should be your first priority when looking for a high chair, followed by construction and convenience.  At Bubs n Grubs Baby Store, we offer the very best in safe, high-quality high chairs with convenient features.

We only offer the best brands who invest in ensuring their products meet the Australian Standards for safety.

And don’t forget that our product professionals are experts in our products and understanding customers individual needs – so please do not hesitate to pop in to our store or drop the team a line and get great advice for you specifically.

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