Free Pram & Stroller Tune up 🆓

Free Pram & Stroller Tune up!

As mentioned in our blog article How to Clean, Service and Maintain a Pram or Stroller, every pram and stroller requires regular maintenance – Just like a car.

Pam Stroller Tune UpWheels and bearings get covered in dust and grime making it hard to push or steer or both. Deep Cleaning of Seats needs to be regularly attended to. Not only to ensure the fabric lasts but also for hygiene reasons. Even better, use of organic fabric protection on the seats will help greatly. All moving joints get build ups of dust and grime causing difficult folding and unfolding of you pram or stroller.

Key Safety pram and stroller area’s that need to be addressed include… all moving parts. The must be cleaned and lubricated regularly. Brakes attract dirt and grime and like your car, they also require regular cleaning and maintenance. This includes cleaning and lubricating moving brake and frame parts as well as wheel bearings. Checking bolts and nuts regularly is a must all so. Tyre’s need to be checked for excessive wear also.

Pram JointsPlastic parts get sun affected and crack and even can break – this can all lead to a catastrophic failure leaving you stranded with a pram that wont fold and fit in the boot to get home leaving you stranded in a car park. Or wont unfold at the most inconvenient time.. Even worse, it can cause safety issues.

If you can regularly maintain your pram or stroller properly, it will result in getting many years use out of it without continuous problems and repairs. Or worse, replacing prams multiple times over the life of a child.

The Solution:

So Here’s the good news. If you purchase your Baby Pram or Stroller from Bubs n Grubs, you will receive 1 free Pram and Stroller Tune-up within the first 12 months of ownership worth $65

This is part of the value and service we offer our customer’s because we care. As a result, if you purchase your pram or stroller from Bubs n Grubs, you will enjoy many years of service from it!

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