Free Car Seat Installation In Brisbane ?

Free Car Seat Installation In Brisbane

Purchase your Car Seat or Child Restraint from Bubs n Grubs and Receive 1 x Free Car Seat Installation at our Brisbane Baby Store in Morningside.

Acri LogoBubs n Grubs is a Professional Member of ACRI and have multiple trained and accredited Car Seat Installation Professionals.

It’s a fact that if your child car seat is not installed / fitted correctly that your child is 70% more likely to be seriously injured or killed when involved in an accident.

The statistics also show that around 85% of new parents who install baby seats themselves, do so incorrectly. As a result, they put their child at risk in the event of an accident. Parents often don’t even realise until their child seat is checked by the police in a roadside check or by a professional fitter.

Besides putting your child’s life and safety at risk, you also may be risking expensive fines.

This is why we now have child restraint fitting services / installation services. You can now have peace of mind at no cost if you purchase your child car seat from us.

Common Car Seat Installation / Fitting Issues

There is a common problem that we see when a parent gets their car seat installed / fitted professionally. The first time that a parent removes or adjusts the seat, they make simple common mistakes. It can often be another adult or child that has been in the back seat. While being there, they accidentally undo the vehicle seat belt that secures the car seat in the vehicle. This means that all the good work by the car seat fitter is undone.

Initial Car Seat Fitting / Installation is only 5-10% of correct use and yet in some circles it gets 95% of the attention.

Keeping any child safe with correct use of a child restraint is only possible if you, as the the day to day user, is aware of your ongoing responsibilities.  The ongoing maintenance of the installation is one of the keys to success here. Every parent / user needs to be aware of how to self monitor your own child restraint installation and use. This is regardless of who installed it.

The solution…

This is why when we install your seat, we spend time to show you how to use and adjust and re-install your seat. Bubs n Grubs will also give you a list of daily and weekly checks to keep handy. These checks must be done to ensure nothing has changed to put your child’s safety at risk. As a result, you will be shown what to look for and how to avoid common mistakes.

We strongly believe that education is the key to helping to resolve this issue. This is why we offer free installation to our customers who have purchased a car seat from us. You just need to book it within 60 days of the purchase.

If you do remove the seat and still want it professionally re-installed again, we can do that too. (at a small cost). Alternatively if you have already installed it your can get our accredited fitter to do a 19 point safety check. In addition, we can provide that service too which is a little cheaper.

Obviously, we will only install / fit car seats that meet Australian Standards and have the ability to install an anchor bolt installed. If not already installed by the manufacturer(which is rare).  If it doesn’t we will refer you to a service centre who can install it for you at your cost. You can check this in your vehicles manual or call the manufacturer of your vehicle.

We carry a full range of extension straps and anchor bolts as well as other accessories at the store available (at an additional cost) if required.

Car Seat Installation Costs (seats not purchased from us or being re-installed in another vehicle)

If you have not purchased your seat from us or you are getting it re-installed don’t worry. We can still install it for a cost of $40 + any accessories such as anchor bolts or extension straps if required. We will also give you a refresher on what daily and weekly checks are required.

A 19 Point Safety Check Service is available at a cost of $20

Please allow up to 30 minutes for the installation to be done. We have a cafe in our building. This means that you can have a drink or bite to eat while you wait.

To purchase your seat online and take advantage of our Free Car Seat Installation, just choose the option below the add to cart. This way, it will be noted on your order automatically. Then call us after purchasing your baby capsule, convertible car seat or booster seat to organise an installation date and time that is suitable.

It’s truly that simple!

If purchasing in store, then one of our product specialists can organise the installation with you at the time. Alternatively, you can call at a later date to organise it within 60 days of your purchase.

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Frank is a founding owner of Bubs n Grubs. He is also the sole author of the Bubs n Grubs Baby Blog. He has been personally evaluating baby products & testing them before offering them to our customers since 2009. In addition, he is consistently giving manufacturer’s feedback & product development advice, reviewing & getting customer feedback. He has been doing this since the business started in 2009. A fully trained car seat fitter by ACRI as well. He is proud to be one of the rare baby store owners in Australia who regularly engages with customers in his store. Frank values the constant feedback and regularly seeks it out. He has been featured on the Morning Show & the Today Show on Channel 7 and Channel 9 and is a recognised expert in baby products as a result.

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