8 Reasons NOT to Buy A Cot with Trundle Drawer Attached

8 Reasons NOT to Buy A Cot with Trundle Drawer Attached Revealed below:


In this article, we reveal the 8 Reasons NOT to Buy A Cot with Trundle Drawer Attached. Many Baby Cots, particularly cheaper ones from online only stores and market places such as ebay are selling cots with trundle drawers attached to the cot. There is a number of good reasons not to buy a cot with a trundle drawer attached to the bottom of the cot which include safety.


We have tested cots with an attached trundle drawer that are sold online only for our own education purposes and market research.  We were asking ourselves, should we put pressure on our vendors to do this as well. We discovered all the reasons why we wouldn’t do this with a standard size cot that is not significantly heavy like cots we have sold in the past such as the Mamas & Papas Ocean cot. This cot weighed a ton and was extremely structurally strong! Mind you – this cot did not have a drop side either – it was a fixed side cot – which is where most of the issues come into play.


Read on to see the reasons not to buy a Cot with Trundle Drawer Attached which we have listed out below.

Cot with Trundle Drawer Attached
8 Reasons…

Reason number 1.


A Cot with Trundle Drawer Attached can unbalance the cot when loaded. When testing is done on cots, they do not test it when the drawer is loaded up with bedding etc.  If we loaded it the way most mums and dads would in reality with uneven weight on one side of the trundle, the problem was even worse! This in our experience can cause a tipping problem.


Reason number 2.

When we tested with weight – especially uneven weight, the structural integrity changed.  The cots did not sit squarely as they should. In fact, it caused it to no longer be square and effectively twisted. This increased the gaps at one side and closed gaps at the other side or corner.  For those who do not know, gaps are made and measured with extremely low tolerances to meet the Safety Standards.  This was an epic fail in our opinion when items were placed inside the trundle drawer that was attached to the cot.


Reason number 3.
Another problem when we tested each Cot with Trundle Drawer Attached by loading typical items into the trundle drawer was that when it changed the structural integrity of the cot’s gaps, it also caused the drop side to become difficult to use. The drop side became jammed and very difficult to use. This would be an extremely frustrating issue and caused scratches and damage to the sides of the cot and drop side itself.  I would hate to have to argue that under warranty with one of these suppliers, i can see that is something they would blame on miss-use.


Reason number 4.
Unless the attached trundle drawer was pushed all the way in and under the cot, when lowering the drop side, it would hit the face of the drop side rail and scratch both the face of the trundle drawer which looked terrible and also the inside of the drop side rail itself.


Reason number 5.
We found it difficult to load up properly and practically because the trundle drawer could not be pulled all the way out and a substantial amount of space was not easily accessible.


Reason number 6.
Because the trundle drawer is attached to the cot, they are usually not very deep and therefore there was still a lot of wasted dead space under the cot – the whole idea of a trundle drawer is to be able to utilise the dead space under neath the cot. This defeated the purpose.


Reason number 7.
With a typical load of bedding and baby clothes, the rails which the trundle drawer slides on began to bend out of shape causing it to jam and be difficult to us. Once again, I can see a recipe for problems with warranty claims being denied based on over loading being miss-use.


Reason Number 8.
When using a cot with trundle drawer attached, it makes quite an amount of noise when rolling the trundle drawer in and out.  This means that you will not want to be accessing the trundle drawer whilst baby is sleeping. Yet this is in reality, a prime time that mums take advantage of, to doing washing and pack clothes and other items away when you want to use your trundle drawer. The defeated the whole purpose of a tidy drawer / trundle drawer under a cot.


The Bottom Line.

A cot with trundle drawer attached, especially with a drop side as well is generally a bad idea.


Unless the baby cot is an extremely solid and heavy made cot without a drop side, if it has a trundle drawer that is attached to the cot, don’t buy without testing it loaded up both unevenly and evenly. Preferably, it shouldn’t have a drop side and an attached trundle drawer.


We believe this is a recipe for disaster.


Good Baby Cot Manufacturer’s will offer a trundle drawer that is NOT attached to the cot, especially if it has a drop side. This has a number of benefits on top of the not exhibiting the issues above and possibly putting safety at risk.



Firstly, they are more versatile, you can use them when you have finished using your cot and place them under a single bed.  The babyhood Universal Trundle Drawer was designed to the the right width to be able to do this specifically.


Secondly, you are able to pull the drawer right out on it’s wheels and loading an unloading was heaps easier.  You can see and access in clear view the whole space!


Thirdly, It is simply impossible for a separate trundle drawer to affect the integrity of your cot.


Lastly, none of the above issues are experienced with a trundle drawer that is a completely separate piece of furniture. There is no noise issue with the rails, no jamming, no way it can affect your cot’s integrity and most importantly it can not cause a tipping issue or change the gaps  putting safety at risk.


This is why we recommend against buying a cot with trundle drawer Attached.


If you already have a cot with a trundle drawer attached to is and are experiencing issues, you could remove it and replace with one like this. Or if you don’t have a trundle at all you can always access our great deal on the babyhood Universal Trundle Drawer by clicking the button below.

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