Choosing The Right Maternity Wear

How to Choose the best Maternity Wear

Bubs n Grubs know too well that one of the most frustrating issues for pregnant mums is the subject of Maternity wear.  First of all, there is not much of a selection of maternity wear on the market in Australia that is flattering.  Secondly, sizing is confusing. In this article below, Bubs n Grubs hope to give you answers to those maternity wear questions we are asked all the time.

Carriwell Seamless Organic Nursing BraNo-one can tell you what size maternity bra you will end up wearing and when you will reach your ‘maximum’ size, because every single women is different – Don’t let anyone tell you different. See our guidelines below to help you get it right when you need your maternity wear.


Maternity Wear Answers:


When should I be fitted for a maternity bra?

There is no ‘right time’ to be fitted for a maternity bra while pregnant, for some it will be sooner than others. You may find you outgrow your pre-pregnancy bras fairly quickly, or you may not need to purchase a maternity bra until much later.

Is an underwire bra okay to wear?

Underwire bras are not recommended for several reasons:

  • Your breast shape will change throughout the day as milk is produced and emptied
  • Your breasts may swell due to retained fluid late in pregnancy
  • Underwire can put pressure on the breast which may lead to blocked milk ducts or mastitis


What should I look for when selecting a maternity bra?

Things to look for when selecting a maternity bra are comfort, ease of opening and closing of the clips for feeding, ensure it is a fully opening bra (ie. when you open the bra to breastfeed, it releases the whole breast) and make sure there is room in your bra for any extra growth and / or when your milk comes in after the birth. See if you can fit a clenched fist in your bra as a guide.

What if I can’t find my bra size?

Unfortunately there’s not a great range of maternity wear available. If you need a DD or higher you will notice the availability, appeal and look of maternity bras of this size greatly diminish and stores that stock these sizes can be few and far between!  If you are having trouble finding your size, speak with Bubs n Grubs. Bubs n Grubs have a large range of flexible sizes from top brands such as Carriwell.

How many bras should I buy?

You’ll need two bras at the very least – one to wear and one to change into if you leak or end up wearing baby’s dinner! Ideally your bras should be hand-washed in a mild detergent but if you don’t have the time and want to machine wash, make sure you wash your bras in a lingerie wash bag (not the mesh style, needs more protection!) on a gentle cycle. With only a couple of maternity bras on hand, you don’t want to be left with nothing to wear if they get damaged! Don’t use any bleaches or soakers as they can damage the fabric and/or irritate your skin.

Do I need separate bras for pregnancy and for breastfeeding?

The words, ‘maternity bra’ can be confusing – maternity bras are designed to be worn both when you are pregnant as well as breastfeeding. See the Carriwell Brand of maternity wear – they have just come into Australia  and are a big hit with both first time and second time mums! Bubs n Grubs specialise in the Carriwell Maternity Wear.

Do I wear my maternity bra to bed?

Carriwell Kaj Short Sleeve Nursing Top


The answer to this question is one of personal choice. You may prefer to wear a bra so your breast pads stay in place or you may prefer to have your bra off for comfort. There is no reason why you should or shouldn’t. There are now maternity tops you can wear which are very comfortable, so if you don’t like wearing a bra to bed but are worried about leaking, you could always give maternity tops a go.


There is a much larger number of maternity wear products that we offer and recommend – we will discuss them in more detail in the future.


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