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Choosing Cots – Updated 03/08/2022

Babies spend a great deal of time sleeping in their cot. As a result, choosing a cot is one of the most important decisions a parent has to make.  This is perhaps the only place that they spend time where they are not constantly monitored. Even with a good Quality baby monitor, the baby cot must be a very safe haven for your baby.

This is still an issue today and will be tomorrow. What has changed is that it is not only an issue with cots sold on online market places, it is also online only type stores.

In years past, there have been many horror stories about baby cot accidents and deaths. These have been a result of poorly made and designed cots. A lot of them were copies of our most popular sleigh cot! Now, it is not just Sleigh Cots, it is all cot designs.

In fact, the ACCC (after many complaints and a long time) finally investigated these baby cots being sold via online auction sites and online only stores. These “stores” were importing their own baby cots from over seas. As a result, many were recalled.

The bad news is that it is happening again!

What to Look for when choosing a Cot:

Because of this, I can not stress more, how important it is to consider safety when buying a new cot for your baby. There are thousands of different baby cots on the market. Parents should only consider those that possess All standard safety features.

It is also important that it has been tested properly and is manufactured by a reputable brand. A Brand who are focused on baby furniture with a proven track record. In other words, they are experts in making baby furniture.

On top of this problem, even recalled cots are being sold and marketed under different names – see the comments from Furntech’s CEO – Bob Panitzki below:

“It could be a case of certified products having been given new identities for marketing purposes, but this is unacceptable, as consumers have no way of checking whether a product is what it claims to be. We see look-alike logos, bogus claims, and options offered which have not been part of the testing process.”

To make matters worse, those same baby cots are usually made in sweat shop type operations. Here’s some images we have from one of those factories in China where these cots are made.

High Quality Baby Cots are not made in facilities like above!

First, the railings of the cot should be strong and sturdy, not flexible. The slats should allow for proper ventilation. They should be no more than 6.5cm apart. This way the baby cannot squeeze his or her head or limbs through the bars and get stuck.

The rails should be smooth, with no jagged edges or pointy protruding parts. This prevents the baby from falling into a sharp part and injuring themselves.

Moreover, parents should make sure that if the cot is painted, it has not been painted with lead-based paint. Little ones could and often do chew the paint. If the paint is not lead free, they can become very ill. Lead-based paints have been known to cause brain damage and even death when consumed.

The problem is that even if a cot states it has been tested and meets the Australian Safety standards, in a lot of cases it has not been actually tested properly. It often means that the factory in china or where ever it was made, paid a local contractor a small fee to “sign it off”. It does not mean it was actually tested properly or at all.

Cots and Mattresses

Baby Cots Furntech Tick

Here is the best way to ensure it has been tested properly. Make sure it has been tested by Furntech here in Australia. Furntech are the same testing facility here in Australia that the ACCC use and trust! Look for the Blue AFRDI tick on the tag.

The next thing to look at when shopping for a baby cot is the mattress. The mattress should fit securely into the cot. There should be no more than a 25mm space between the mattress edges and the sides of the cot.

Many babies get all bunched up at one end of the cot. They could get their head caught in the gap if the space is too wide. The mattress should also be flame retardant and not too soft.

We suggest high-density fibre or an allergy free mattress for better breathability. If parents plan to use the cot while the child is a toddler, an orthopaedic innerspring mattress is best for better spinal support.

If you have allergies in your family, then choosing one that is bamboo may be a good idea.

Always ask if the baby cot mattress meets the new Non-Mandatory Mattress Standards (AS/NZS 8811.1:2013). As far as we know, the only brands that do are Babyhood and Babyrest.

Convertible Cots:

Many parents face the decision of buying a convertible cot that can convert to a toddler bed or a simple baby cot. While it is true that convertible cots may be more expensive than regular baby cots, parents can get much more mileage out of these models. It is usually cheaper in the long run than having to purchase a toddler bed as well.

If parents do choose a convertible model, they should make sure that the locks and latches are secure. Children should not have access to the release mechanisms from the cot. This prevents them from accidentally releasing the drop sides and base and falling out or getting limbs caught in the joints of the baby cot.

When searching for a baby cot, parents should consider safety before aesthetics. While there are many superbly designed baby cots on the market, a cot is not worth the money unless it is designed with safety as the number one priority.

Buying a Cot Selection Criteria:

I highly recommend checking to make sure that each and every baby cot that parents consider meets the national safety standards in Australia. Once safety standards have been verified, you can begin to think about style. Once again, Actually tested here in Australia by a third party such as Furnech. The Blue Tick is the Key to look for.

At the end of the day, if a safe baby cot is even $200 more than one on ebay or online only stores – that’s only $50 per year if you use it for 4 years. Is your child’s safety worth $50 per year?

Bubs n Grubs are very selective when deciding which brands and models of products that we sell. In particular baby cots, baby car seats, baby prams and high chairs.  We do all the hard work for you. That is Judy and Myself as owners.

We personally evaluate each one before deciding to offer it. This is why we do not offer every brand and model under the sun – unlike our competitors.

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