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What Pram is better than a Bugaboo Cameleon

That’s what this Owner of the Bugaboo Cameleon for their first child said in a review on our site after purchasing a completely different brand and model for their second child and using both!

I have previously written about how important it is to choose the best pram for your specific needs and explained how every single parent has different needs.  As a baby store owner, we know this all too well. As a result, it is our focus to try to break the statistic that mums end up buying 5 prams over the life of a child. This can only be due to baby stores NOT asking the right questions and understanding each customers individual needs and lifestyle.

The Problem

Unfortunately, it is common for mums to come in to our store looking to replace their Bugaboo Cameleon or other popular and not cheap prams.

There is nothing worse than have a pram which you use every single day, and fighting with it in a car park trying to fold or unfold it! Or having a pram that the child hates, or one that breaks your back every time you have to lift it into your car.  I have too many times seen mums struggling to fit the pram in the boot after loading it up with groceries too.

The Wrong Decision Criteria

Yet, we still see mums choosing prams based on fashion or the one that their latest favourite Hollywood star is using. Only last week end, we had a customer take different prams outside our store to take photo’s of her pushing a couple of models of pram and sending them to her friends asking which one looked best.

Don’t just simply listen to your friend or sister or favourite Hollywood star or whoever – you must realise and accept that your needs are different and therefore you need a pram that suits YOUR needs – not someone else’s! This is about YOU.

This often ends up in the long term resulting in lost money when they need to purchase another soon after when they realise that they chose the wrong one and can not bear dealing with all the problems.

Unfortunately expensive brands like the Bugaboo Cameleon are marketed this way and have become the expensive but as Adrian says in his review below the “Go To” pram.

Brands often do this type of marketing, either because their competitors are doing it, so they need to chase them for the market share or there is the brands who pioneered giving away prams to the stars in order to get free advertising – the natural thought pattern of consumers is – if “XYZ” star is using it – it must be great! and who could blame them!

From the Customer’s Experience:

Below is a customer who purchased a well known popular brand and model (Bugaboo Cameleon) that is commonly considered one of the best on the market for their first child and after having personal experience, chose another for their second child.

In the review, they explain exactly why they Chose the Silver Cross Pioneer and what they prefer and how it impacts daily use – even if it seems small, these subjects are important when you are using the pram daily and more than one person is regularly using it (Both mum and dad).

Besides that, they saved money on the purchase price compared to the Bugaboo Cameleon (about half).  The Silver Cross Pioneer is available in many colours. There is a graphite coloured frame version which this customer purchased also. Fashion should not be an issue with this pram!

The Silver Cross Pioneer is basically the same pram as the Silver Cross Wayfarer but with larger wheels and an even stronger frame – so this version is designed for people who want to be able to use it both around town and in all terrain.  If you are not regularly going off road, then the silver Cross Wayfarer is an even lower cost and could be a better solution for you as it is lighter also!

The Importance of Real Expert Advice.

The key message I want you to take away is that as a first time parent you really need find a baby store that has experts with years of personal real life experience, who can ask the right questions and give you the right advice and guidance the first time.

This is how experts like ourselves can save you big money and more importantly the pain of trying to use the wrong pram for your needs!

Think about this – if you purchase 5 prams at say an average conservative cost of $650 each, you have spent $3250 and that is being conservative! Now the Bugaboo Cameleon Costs a lot more than $650 – in fact typically more than double. So my numbers are very conservative.

Make no mistake, we aren’t saying that the Bugaboo Cameleon is not a good pram – we are saying that no single pram is the best choice for everyone and with the right advice and guidance, we can (and any good baby store that wants to understand your needs) will save you a lot of money and pain.

Below is the Review which demonstrates the kinds of “little” benefits not often thought about until AFTER you have spent your money.

Rated 5 out of 5  Stars | Better than bugaboo

I was a fan of the bugaboo cameleon with the previous baby, but maybe because of the price tag, I felt I should be extra proud of it. This time around, we went for the Silver Cross Pioneer Graphite. (We went for the graphite, just because I thought the wheels looked cooler. So still a little pretentious I guess.)
On receiving the Pioneer, it didn’t take long to realise that 3 of the most used elements of a pram were much easier to use on the silver cross, compared to the bugaboo.
1) Being a dad, I am a bit taller than my partner, so we always have to alter the height of the handlebar. With bugaboo, you had to open fasteners on each side, which is a little fiddly. But with the Silver Cross there is a big button below the handlebar, so with one simple pull, the height is adjusted. Much easier and less annoying.
2) When you needed to adjust the angle of the seat, with bugaboo, again you need to use both sides of the chair, by pushing buttons to adjust. With the pioneer, there is a handle behind the canopy which you pull. So you don’t have to go around the front of the pram to do this. Again, much simpler.
3) Taking the basinet or chair out of the frame is also easier, as you just pull up the buttons to lift out. With the bugaboo, you had to push buttons in, then lift out, which is a little more awkward and harder to do as baby gets heavier, as your fingers aren’t fully underneath to support the weight.

So, overall, very happy with the purchase. Glad to have found a better option to the usual ‘go to’ pram.

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