Baby Swings That Help Babies Sleep 💤

Do Baby Swings Help Babies Sleep

Baby Swings can be the most effective sleeping aid for a baby having difficulties sleeping as long as the right type is chosen for your specific needs. Bubs n Grubs continually has lots of people asking if they actually need a baby swing.

Inevitably, you will need to rock your baby, in order to soothe him or her to sleep. A baby swing can do the trick, while giving you a much needed moment to yourself. Considering the womb months, your little baby will probably enjoy the delicate movements of Baby Swings.

I have personally seen a swing first hand with our own family send a baby who refused to sleep for over an hour – go straight to sleep in under 2 minutes of being placed into a swing – every time.

The bottom line is baby swings work.

Additional Benefits:

An additional benefit for you is that it Baby Swings can be secure area to leave him or her in. Colicky newborns may also be calmed by this method. Typically there are settings on the baby swings that we sell for reclining partially when napping and a different setting for sitting up.

A few newer models can be used for larger babies. Normally full-sized swings are designed for indoor use, for babies from birth to 6 months. There can be a wide variety of music, speeds, and toys.

Most that are available use batteries for power, offering a maximum of 200 hours of swinging time. Some will create a muted buzzing sound which can be relaxing for toddlers, but some are disturbed by it. The motion of baby swings is usually front to back, however a few swings go from side to side like a cradle. A harness needs to be used with any and all types of swings when baby is in it.


Chicco Baby Swings

Battery Operated Versus AC Power

There are baby swings that let you use electricity so you’re not always replacing batteries, this can also be a pain point as they need to be used next to a power point in your home. Unless if course you use an extension cord which can become a tripping hazard.

Regular sized baby swings that work by electric and battery power don’t weigh much, however they are hard to move around and this is the reason that they usually remain in the living room or kitchen most of the time. Because these swings are large, you should consider how much space you have before purchasing them.

The most use you will get from this swing will come in the first few months of the baby’s life.  No matter which swing you get there are still some babies that do not like to be put in a swing. However it is important that you try it more then once and at different ages. They can suddenly have a change of heart about being placed in a baby swing.

Bubs n Grubs remind people not to leave your baby in the swing without watching him or her, whether you use your baby swing periodically or every day.


A mother of four boys ranging in ages from 6 years to 3 months, shops at Bubs n Grubs and owns two baby swings. The original, a generic model, was a good place to leave the babies however they rarely went to sleep there. She says that her youngest child got a more comfortable seat with a fancier mobile swing and he frequently falls asleep in it without issue. This means comfort is a key to having a successful experience with a baby swing.

Hands Free Time

Her baby swings remain in the kitchen while she is giving food to her older boys. The baby can see what is happening or play with his mobile and be secure. She states that it is very useful to keep him placed there and be sure that he is secure and will not get injured. And should he drift off there, he can remain where he is.

From our experience, a baby with a cold may sleep better sitting upright in a swing. This makes this item wonderful for nap time.

Safe Sleeping

No baby should stay in the baby swing for very long periods of time. It is recommended that you don’t leave your baby in the swing for any longer than 30 minutes at a time. More time might cause him feel light-headed. Put your baby in his cot or bassinet prior to you dozing off if you feel drowsy while the infant is in the swing. You shouldn’t wake up and notice he has been swinging for hours without supervision.

Also, remember that babies need a great deal of time being cuddled. Plus they should have some time lying on their tummies. Ben Hoffman of the Doenbecher Children’s Hospital says that, “There is nothing you can do that’s better than getting down on the floor and interacting with them and playing with them.” I’m always telling folks about how important it is to have “tummy time.”

A cot or bassinet is the ideal place for your baby to sleep, but if he or she has a cold or any breathing problems a baby swing may help soothe her to sleep, with the approval of a paediatrician.


The best protection from tipping is selecting a swing that is sturdy and stable and the legs are wide apart. Bubs n Grubs professional consultants can help you choose the right swing for your needs. Check the seat and make sure it has comfortable design with a well padded-seat that is easy-to-wash , a harness to secure baby safely as well as a crotch post so that the baby won’t slide out.

The assembly of your swing will require about 10 minutes. Test it by swinging it and pushing the seat down when it is empty to make sure it is safe for your baby. Most wont swing without weight in it.

Never purchase used baby products – always purchase new. You are potentially putting your baby in danger if you use an old swing that is not properly secured or has missing parts. Also they might not conform to the current safety standards.

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