3 Wheel Pram or 4 Wheel Pram?

3 Wheel Pram or 4 Wheel Pram?

Once of the first things you need to do when deciding which pram is best for your needs is work out if a 3 Wheel Pram or 4 Wheel Pram is best for you.

I guess this is why we are constantly asked in store “which is better – a 3 Wheel Pram or 4 Wheel Pram?

The answer depends on your lifestyle.  As long as we are talking quality brands, if you are doing a lot of our doors off road activities, running or jogging, generally speaking a 3 wheel pram is best.

But there is a lot more to it than that.

Which one is best for you?

The pro’s of 3 wheel prams:

The benefit of a 3 wheel pram is that they will be easier to steer in high speed scenarios. Specifically running or jogging. That is why you will only find 3 wheel options when you look at jogging or running prams. They generally have a larger front wheel. As a result, it’s easier to push. They will have air inflated tyres to help act as suspension for your child. This provides a softer ride at speed and on bumpy off-road situations.

The cons of 3 wheel prams:

3 Wheel prams usually do not fold down as compact as a 4 wheel pram. They are generally heavier as well. They will generally require more boot space. This is because they are designed to be stronger. This is required for the out door parent going off road or running or jogging.

The Pro’s of 4 Wheel prams:

4 Wheel prams can be more stable than a 3 wheeler. They are generally lighter and fold down a lot more compact.  Generally speaking they are ideal for parents who are using them on hard concrete surfaces, foot paths, shopping centres etc. In saying that, there are some great 4 wheel prams with awesome suspension these days. These are designed to be used off road at times as well.

More importantly, they are lighter and have more storage space due to the shape of the chassis.

In addition, there is usually more options. Including the ability to use as a travel system with your baby capsule and more.

4 Wheel prams are by far more popular.

The cons of 4 wheel prams:

If you don’t go off road or run with your 4 wheel pram, then there really isn’t any other than some expensive 3 wheelers will be slightly more manoeuvrable. Sure a good quality expensive 3 wheel pram will have a smoother ride over bumpy off-road surfaces but that’s not what a 4 wheel pram is designed for.


Everyone’s needs are different. No one pram wheel type is ideal for everyone.

In general, if you are running or jogging, 3 wheel prams are the only way to go. If you do a lot or outdoor walking including off road and boot space is not an issue or weight, then a 3 wheel pram might be ideal id you combine a compact light weight stroller for those shorter trips through the shopping center.

If you are predominantly using it on smooth concrete surfaces such as foot paths and shopping centers and weight and compact easy fold of your pram or stroller is important, then a 4 wheel pram might be best for you.

At Bubs n Grubs, we have a great range of  prams and strollers. They are hand picked by the owners (Judy and myself) based on our combined experience of over 20 years and over 14 years in this business.

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And remember, always buy from independent baby stores who have real highly trained product experts with plenty of experience. Those who not only know their products but also spend time to get to know each and every customer’s needs. Without that, no one can give you the right advice to help you choose the best travel pram for your specific needs.

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