Baby Thermometers

An accurate Baby Thermometer is an essential first-aid tool for all new parents. While Feeling the warmth on your child’s forehead can alert you to a problem, it will not tell you the whole story. In babies younger than 3 months, even a relatively low fever can be a sign of a serious illness or infection. This is the reason a good quality, well designed baby thermometer is an important item and the choice you make is important.


When you are looking at baby thermometers, you should select one that is easy to use and right for your child’s age. Think about how you want to use the thermometer. Some thermometers can measure your child’s temperature in more ways than on, for example, in the mouth or under the arm, while others can be used in only one way.


Check out our range below.

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    Safety 1st Digital Thermometer

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    The Safety 1st Digital Thermometer offers a fast and accurate measurement of baby's temperature. Our flexible tip feature and easy to hold design ensure this product is easy for parents and carers to use.

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    Safety 1st Quick Read Ear Thermometer

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    The Safety 1st Quick Read Ear Thermometer from Safety 1st makes it easy with a large digital display that's easy to read, and a convenient fever alert to let you know when your little one's temperature has risen above normal.  The thermometer package includes a handy Fever Chart which you can use for easy reference.

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    Safety 1st Fever Light 1-Second Ear Thermometer

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    The Safety 1st Fever Light 1-Second Ear Thermometer you with fast and accurate information. With a large digital display and our Fever Light bar that lights up when children have a fever, you'll know right away if your child's temperature has risen above normal. The thermometer also features a handy memory recall to help you keep track of the past 12 readings.