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At Outlook we take great pride in producing, multi-award winning, innovative, quality products for today’s families. We continually strive to provide our customers with the best, tried and tested products on the market.

We met in 1997 at a new mothers coffee group one summer afternoon in Auckland, New Zealand. As our young babies slept in their prams, we got chatting and shared our concerns about having our babies exposed to the sun on days like this.

The New Zealand sun can be extremely harsh, and we were well aware of its damaging effects, particularly on young sensitive skin. Daily walks in the pram could be uncomfortably hot for them in the full glare of the sun – particularly as most modern prams didn’t have the reversible handles of old. Pinning a nappy or towel to the pram hood showed real ingenuity but didn’t make the experience very interesting for the babies. There just didn’t seem to be any specific shade products for prams on the market.

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      Outlook Auto Shade Car Sun Shade

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      The Outlook Auto Shade Car Sun Shade helps protect from strong sunlight, UV and glare. Car shades screen up to 90% of harmful UV rays with UPF 10+ rated fabric. Made of a stretchy UPF10 fabric with a fine mesh construction the auto-shade™ will screen up 80% of the sun's harmful UV rays and provides effective protection from flying insects when the window is open. Designed to be multi-fitting, it is made in just 2 basic shapes so that it can easily be swapped between different makes and model of car. The rectangular auto-shade™ will fit the majority of 4-door vehicles. Cars with curved or angled rear windows will be better suited to the rounded auto-shade™. The Outlook Auto Shade Car Sun Shade is not suitable for use on sliding doors. It can be used on frameless doors but this will inhibit lowering of the window. Car window blinds provide relief from heat and glare. Windows can be raised or lowered for ventilation with the auto_shade car window shades fitted. Car shades attach easily leaving no residue or marks on the vehicle. Multi-fitting shade design - 2 models available (rectangular or curved. Unique pull down strapping device ensures the shade never "rides up" unlike other similar products. The unique design that covers the entire window on the inside and only the top of the outside allows for greater vision for drivers and passengers. Available in twin and single packs. Endorsed by the Skin and Cancer Foundation Australia

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      Outlook Pram Liner – Travel Comfy

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      Outlook's vibrantly coloured Cotton Pram Liners can offer a fresh, new look. Occasionally prams and strollers aren't all of that secure there might be bumps or bars underneath the fabric. Outlook's Cotton Pram Liners are heavily cushioned to provide your own little one a smoother ride. Leaking food and drink can easily sit in the crevices and folds of the pram or stroller, harbouring dangerous germs ,but while on an Outlook  cotton pram liner, that is simple to take out and clean this helps safeguard your stroller whilst keeping it hygienic , neat and debris free! Like several Outlook baby accessories, Cotton Pram Liners are equipped for comfort, style, durability and ease-of-use. An Outlook Cotton Pram Liner will refresh your child's ride while making it more comfy and easier to keep clean.

    • up to 36% off! shade-a-babe-3-layers

      OutLook Shade a Babe

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      Outlook Shade a Babe Pram Shade zips open for accessibility while still providing side shade and glare protection for delicate eyes. Now you can access your child without needing to take the shade off totally!!! Shade a Babe - Combine fun, fashion & style with UV and glare protection for your child Shade a Babe's flexible 3-layered design provides all-round protection from the sun with no need to continuously adjust the shade. Shade a Babe Helps block harmful UV Rays UPF50+ sun visor ? the highest UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) fabric rating available. Shade a Babe Shields delicate eyes UPF10 glare shield. A dual mesh layer underneath the visor assists safeguard from sunlight and glare when visor pulled back. Shade a Babe Protects from insects and wind UPF3 lower mesh safeguards from insects and wind and screens Ultra violet rays getting into lower part of the pushchair, while still providing excellent vision and air flow. Main area unzips for simple use of kid. Shade a Babe has a Universal fit Fits 3 & 4 wheel prams and strollers.