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Love To Dream


My name is Hana. I used to be a fashion designer… this was before our first child came along. After encountering many of the initial teething problems ALL parents have when a new child comes along I embarked on the Love To Dream™ journey.

I wanted to create products that looked good but also solved problems. Functionality & usefulness is key for us at Love To Dream™. It is vital for us that parents can use our genius designs everyday to make their lives simpler & less stressful. Most importantly our products work!

    • up to 7% off! Love To Dream Nuzzlin 0.2 TOG Sleep Bag Yellow

      Love To Dream Nuzzlin 0.2 TOG Sleep Bag

      5 out of 5
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      The Love To Dream Nuzzlin 0.2 TOG Sleep Bag is the lightest sleep bag available. Made from “New Generation Muslin” fabric, the Love To Dream Nuzzlin 0.2 TOG Sleep Bag is the lightest, most comfortable sleep bag available. Unlike traditional muslin fabric, which often feels hard & scratchy, “New Generation Muslin” knitted fabric is soft, stretchy & sublimely comfortable. “New Generation Muslin” is also extremely light & breathable, allowing your little one to sleep comfortably on even the warmest of nights or during the day.

    • up to 13% off! Love to Dream Inventa Sleeping Bag Grey Lemon

      Love to Dream INVENTA Sleeping Bag

      5 out of 5
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      The Love to Dream INVENTA Sleeping Bag is STAGE 3 in the Love To Dream Sleep System. Our research told us that one of the biggest concerns that kept parents up at night was worrying about whether or not their little one was too hot or too cold during the sleep time. So we developed this innovative range of baby sleeping bags & toddler sleeping bags with your needs in mind. The breakthrough Genius Cooling System helps you moderate your baby’s temperature without disturbing their precious sleep routine. Simply open or close the built-in zip as needed. Unlike other baby sleeping bags, your baby’s temperature can be gently adjusted by using The Genius Cooling System without waking your baby. A more even temperature & increased comfort means more sleep for everyone! It’s the baby & toddler sleeping bag that breathes! The INVENTA range features a hypo-allergenic, 100% natural bamboo lining that is smooth, silky & highly breathable. The lining is soft & extremely gentle on your baby’s skin, & is very effective at controlling moisture, making INVENTA the most comfortable baby sleeping bag available. The INVENTA range of sleeping bags for babies & sleeping bags for toddlers is available in 3 TOGS, making the range suitable for all seasons: 0.5 Tog for the warmer months - 1.0 Tog for use all year round - 2.5 Tog for the colder months

    • up to 27% off! loveMeBaby_swaddleWhite

      Love to Swaddle UP – On Sale

      4.91 out of 5
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      The Love to Swaddle UP is the authentic and world's leading baby swaddle, which enables your baby to sleep in their natural position, with their arms up - used by Kate and William for Prince George!  

    • 10% off! BEANIE ME By Love Me Baby

      BEANIE ME By Love Me Baby

      3 out of 5
      $9.95 $9
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      BEANIE ME FEATURES Super soft beanie made from cotton spandex pely viscose. Fits your WRAP ME UP completely! The softest beanie ever! SIZING One size fits most 0 - 6 months