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HoMedics is the #1 name in health and wellness, and has broadened its expertise by carrying America’s most complete line of personal health, wellness, and relaxation products.

    • 15% off! Homedics SoundSpa Sleepy Snail

      Homedics SoundSpa Sleepy Snail

      4 out of 5
      $54.99 $47
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      The Homedics SoundSpa Sleepy Snail makes sleep time easier for parents and little ones! The projection light show of the Homedics SoundSpa Sleepy Snail keep baby entertained with 3 different discs. The scenes rotate to get engagement and provide peaceful entertainment to baby.

    • 8% off! Homedics SoundSpa Lullaby

      Homedics SoundSpa Lullaby

      5 out of 5
      $47.95 $44
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      The Homedics SoundSpa Lullaby helps soothe your little baby into a calming full night's sleep. We Love the Homedics SoundSpa Lullaby because it is the ultimate modern day mobile and sound machine. It has all the classic charm of the original but uses advanced technology and a chic new design.

    • 9% off! Homedics SoundSpa On The Go

      Homedics SoundSpa On The Go

      4 out of 5
      $21.99 $20
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      The Homedics SoundSpa On The Go is stylishly designed for travel and provides soothing sounds wherever you and your baby go. Choose from four tranquil sounds including heartbeat, white noise, ocean and lullaby. You can also use the clip-and-go to attach to any stroller, diaper bag, cot, playpen and more!

    • 11% off! Homedics SoundSpa Portable

      Homedics SoundSpa Portable

      5 out of 5
      $36.99 $33
      SAVE $3.99 OFF RRP TODAY

      The HoMedics SoundSpa Portable is a perfect way to melt away stress and bring about tranquillity to any environment for you and your baby. Choose from six natural sounds, including heartbeat, white noise, ocean, summer night, thunderstorm and brook. Perfect for the new mom or traveler. ETA: OCTOBER

    • 10% off! Homedics SoundSpa Glow Puppy

      Homedics SoundSpa Glow Puppy Sounds & Night Light

      5 out of 5
      $47.99 $43
      SAVE $4.99 OFF RRP TODAY

      The Homedics SoundSpa Glow Puppy Sounds & Night Light has 8 soothing digitally recorded sounds and melodies, as well as a gentle tummy glow to comfort children at night. The Homedics SoundSpa Glow Puppy has controls built-in to the feet, making it a snap to find the sounds and melodies that you're looking for. The Homedics SoundSpa Glow Puppy has an auto-timer and Velcro straps for attaching to the outside of your baby's crib or stroller. The Homedics SoundSpa Glow Puppy is a Cuddly plush animal that helps your baby learn to soothe him/herself to sleep. Any child will love cuddling up with this soft plush animal at night. Adorable animal plays 8 different sounds and melodies. 4 soothing sounds include: Heartbeat, White Noise, rain and Ocean.  4 lullabies include - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rock-A-Bye Baby, Brahm’s Cradle Song, Fur Elise. Features a gentle light display. Automatic timer lets you determine how long you want the music to play. Battery operated. Homedics SoundSpa Glow Puppy Features: Cuddly plush Puppy helps your baby learn to soothe himself to sleep 4 soothing sounds: Heartbeat, White Noise, Rain & Ocean 4 lullabies: Twinkle, Twinkle, Rock-a-Bye Baby, Brahm’s Cradle Song, Fur Elise Gentle light, comforts baby Timer: 15, 30 60 minutes 5 minute auto-off timer for tummy nightlight saves battery life Volume level: low, medium, high User memory – defaults to last sound played when turned on Uses 3 AAA batteries, included