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The simple fact is that one of the biggest problems travelling with babies and young children in a car, is the accidental undoing of seat belts. And when that seat belt is securing your infant or baby seat, statistics can so easily become reality.

It was something that was happening to us with worrying regularity, and when it happened five times in just one journey, we decided that it was time to do something about it.” – MS, Worcester

Which is why we designed BuckleSafe!TM! – it means that you can concentrate on keeping your eyes on the road,  confident in the knowledge that the children are safe and secure – every car with a child in should have one.

Over 7,000 children between the ages of 0 and 11 years are injured every year while travelling in cars, around

30 children are killed and over 400 seriously injured.

One of the biggest problems when travelling with babies & young children is the accidental undoing of seat belts. BuckleSafe!TM! has been designed to prevent the accidental or deliberate release of safety belt buckles

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      BuckleSafe Seat Belt Guard

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      BuckleSafe helps prevent the unintentional release of the seat belt buckle if the car seat belt isn't the main restraint of the child - that is BuckleSafe would work whenever a kid is in a child seat having a harness and other device.