Bubs n Grubs Basic Guidelines to Choosing Safe and Comfortable Baby Cots

Bubs n Grubs Basic Guidelines to Choosing Safe and Comfortable Baby Cots
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Bubs n Grubs Basic Guidelines to Choosing Safe and Comfortable Baby Cots
written by: Stephanie Mee  (A Bubs n Grubs Customer)

Babies spend a great deal of time sleeping in their baby cots. This is perhaps the only place that they spend time where they are not constantly monitored. In years past, there have been many horror stories about crib accidents and deaths, resulting from poorly made baby cots. Because of this, Bubs n Grubs stresses how important it is to consider safety when buying a new baby cot. There are thousands of different baby cots on the market, but parents should only consider those that possess some standard safety features.

3 in 1 Baby CotFirst, the railings of the baby cot should be strong and sturdy, and not flexible. The slats should allow for proper ventilation, but they should be no more than 6.5cm apart. This way the baby cannot squeeze his or her head or limbs through the bars and get stuck. The rails should be smooth, with no jagged edges or pointy protruding parts. This prevents the baby from falling into a sharp part and injuring themselves. Moreover, parents should make sure that if the cot is painted, it has not been painted with lead-based paint. Little ones could chew the paint and become very ill. Lead-based paints have been known to cause brain damage and even death when consumed.

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The next thing to look at when shopping for baby cots is the mattress. The mattress should fit securely into the cot, and there should be no more than a 25mm space between the mattress edges and the sides of the cot. Many babies get all bunched up at one end of the crib, and they could get their head caught in the gap if the space is too wide. The mattress should also be flame retardant and not too soft. Bubs n Grubs suggests high-density foam or an allergy free mattress for better breathing. If parents plan to use the cot until the child is a toddler, a thin mattress is best, as toddlers could jump on thick mattresses and fall out of the cot.

Many parents face the decision of buying a convertible cot that can convert to a toddler bed, or a simple baby cot. While it is true that convertible cots may be more expensive than regular cots, parents can get much more mileage out of these models. If parents do choose a convertible model, they should make sure that the locks and latches are secure. Children should not have access to the release mechanisms from the cot. This prevents them from accidentally releasing the drop sides and base and falling out or getting limbs caught in the joints of the baby cot.

When searching for baby cots, parents should consider safety before aesthetics. While there are many superbly designed baby cots on the market, a cot is not worth the money unless it is designed with safety as the number one priority. Bubs n Grubs highly recommends checking to make sure that each and every crib that parents consider meets the national safety standards for your country. Once safety standards have been verified, parents can begin to think about style.

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