Baby Prams and Strollers

Baby Prams and Strollers
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Silver Cross Pop Sport Stroller

Silver Cross Pop Sport Stroller

It is very difficult for the parents to always carry their babies in their arms, as it is uncomfortable for both parent and the baby. That’s why now we have baby prams and strollers in which parents can easily take their baby for a stroll. A baby pram or stroller is a device in which the infant is in a sitting position, usually facing forwards, instead of facing the pusher. Newer versions can be changed to a low pram to carry a baby when he/she is lying down and then can be changed to a stroller to carry the child in the forward -facing position. Nowdays in market there are many twin prams and strollers are manufactured, some designed for babies of a similar age (such as twins) and some for those with a small age gap. The manufacturers also offer triple pushchairs to accommodate the number of multiple births. The triple buggies generally have a weight limit of 50 kg and are good for the use of children up to the age of 4 years. Bubs n Grubs in Brisbane deliver all over Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Tasmania and Perth are a top online store that specialses in offering baby products at the best prices.

Strollers make it easy for the parents to take their little ones for a walk, but choosing the wrong baby stroller could be troublesome and inconvenient. So one has to check for the safety features before buying it like:

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Stability: The pram stroller should be checked for stability before buying. This can be easily done by checking the stroller harness. Infants or babies love to be in the stroller a lot so a five-point harness is the best. Though, a three-point harness is also fine for occasional mall trips. It should not have pinch points and sharp corners, as well.

Wheels and Handles: The height of the handles should be in accordance to the height of the parent and must be comfortable for them. Taller parents should buy strollers with adjustable handle heights to avoid stooping. The stroller should have smooth wheels to make corners smoothly, especially in crowded places. For more comfort one can opt for foam-covered handles.

Convenience: Parent organization trays, toy bars, snack and drink holders, rain hoods and more are some of the new features added to the modern day strollers.  These accessories are available separately to make enhance the facilities of the strollers. The stroller should be able to fold, unfold and be stored easily.

Lightweight:  The stroller should be light-weighted so that they are convenient to carry while travelling and a perfect companion for trips to the mall or zoo. Along with being light-weighted it should also have all the features of a normal pram or stroller. It should be light by weight and not by facilities.

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