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Booster Seats

We only supply Booster Seats and Convertible Booster Seats that we have hand picked from Top Brands. These brands include as Safety 1st and Maxi Cosi which both offer unique features such as Air Protect. Both brands offer models that are designed for small cars so you can fit 3 booster seats across the back seat of a standard Sedan.


All of the Booster Seats from Bubs n Grubs meet or exceed the Australian Safety Standards. They are sourced from the Local Australian Distributors to ensure this as well as your local Australian Warranty.


We Selected these brands and models due to a unique technology they both offer called Air Protect. This increases safety significantly in side impact accidents.  Side Impact type accidents account for approximately 40% of child injuries in car seats. This is why Air protect is a key criteria for us when choosing which models and brands we wanted to offer our customers.


Air Protect shields your child’s head from impact and immediately reduces forces through the precise release of air. Watch the Video Below for more information


Air Protect Technology Video

Be Sure to check out the Accident Exchange Programs for Safety 1st and Maxi Cosi Booster Seats if purchased from a Approved Australian Retailer such as Bubs n Grubs.

    • 27% off! Safety 1st Sentry Harnessed Car Seat

      Safety 1st Sentry Harnessed Car Seat

      5.00 out of 5
      $379.95 $277
      SAVE $102.95 Off RRP!

      The Safety 1st Sentry Harnessed Car Seat enables your child to remain fully harnessed from 6 months to 8 years of age providing extra protection for an additional 4 years. With Air Protect Side Impact Technology, the Safety 1st Sentry will give the ultimate in protection to your child! On top of that, it is great value for money!    

    • 26% off! Safety 1st Apex AP Unharnessed Booster Seat

      Safety 1st Apex AP Booster Seat

      5.00 out of 5
      $199 $147
      SAVE $52 Off RRP!

      The new Safety 1st Apex AP is an Unharnessed Booster Seat which provides exceptional protection for your child in an unharnessed booster seat from the age of approximately 4 years of age to 8 years of age. This Booster seat uses the latest version of the Safety 1st Air protect Technology.

    • up to 24% off! Safety 1st Prime AP Convertible Booster Seat Grey

      Safety 1st Prime AP Convertible Booster Seat

      4.67 out of 5
      $299 $227
      SAVE Up to $72 Off RRP!

      The Safety 1st Prime AP Convertible Booster Seat is a convertible booster seat which will protect your child from the age of 6 Months up to approximately 8 Years. The natural, anti-bacterial protection improves comfort and protects the health of your child!

    • 16% off! Joie Trillo Booster Seat Angle

      Joie Trillo Booster Seat

      0 No Rating Yet
      $199 $167
      SAVE $32 Off RRP!

      The Joie Trillo Booster Seat is a deluxe booster seat that offers the finest in safety, style and comfort. First of all, it is designed to be an easy rider and engineered to give your little one a friendly boost from four years on wards.

    • up to 22% off! Maxi Cosi Luna Luna Graphite_3 qtr_hdrest high

      Maxi Cosi Luna G Seat

      5.00 out of 5
      $549 $427
      SAVE Up to $122 Off RRP!

      The Maxi Cosi Luna is a Fully Harnessed Car Seat (G Seat) suitable for use from 6 months of age through to approximately 8 years! Brand new to the range, this seat is the Rolls Royce of Child Car Seats.  It has been 2 years in the making and built from scratch, unlike other brands who have built a g-seat based on a booster seat.